6 Things Keeping Us Busy At Home During Quarantine

What things to do during quarantine? To sum up the situation (and state the obvious), everything that we personally loved or enjoyed doing is now either cancelled or banned. Things such as travelling, meeting our families, going out for a couple of beers, watching football… and the list goes on. Without any doubt, the last month has been one of the most difficult periods we have ever gone through, not only as individuals but as a community. The situation is affecting everyone and in times like these, we have to start appreciating the little things we may have never noticed before.

HOWEVER, in spite of everything looking bad and on the negative side, we really feel grateful to have each other and to have a safe home to spend this time in. Until this shall pass, we would love to share with you the top 6 things we are loving during the quarantine.

6 Things to Do During Quarantine

Board Games & Puzzles

One good thing about quarantine is that the situation is enabling us to spend more quality time with family and people we love. There are tons of activities and one that we have never practiced before was playing board games. It turned out to be so much fun and we were amazed how fast the time goes by! Playing board games is not just a great way to instil fun and increase quality time, but a great exercise for the brain as well.

Baking / Cooking | Trying Out New Recipes

We love food! One of our many joys while travelling is trying new authentic cuisines. We are using this time to explore more what type of cuisine we are able to come up with ourselves. Our most favourite things to bake are on the sweet tooth’s side, being cookies and banana bread. We challenge ourselves to never use the same recipe again, and honestly, that’s in Charlotte’s hand to mix and match things up. She’s the chef in our kitchen. The top recipes during quarantine came out to be the following:

  • Banana Bread Recipe ➡ ➡ ➡

Taking a Stroll

We believe that taking a breath of fresh air and a dose of Vitamin D would be of great benefits. Yes, this may go a bit against the “Stay at Home” thing but making sure not to come in contact with other people is good enough, keeping in mind the physical and mental benefits such activity may have.

We practise this somewhere as secluded as possible with a minimal human presence. Studies have shown that exercising can still be dangerous if done within close range of other people. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Even if it’s just a short walk with your pet or else maybe a yoga/workout session in the backyard, it will definitely refresh your mind.

Dalgona Coffee

If you are a fan of coffee, you definitely have to try this recipe out. Just mix 1 tablespoon of boiling water, 1 tablespoon instant coffee (and 1 tablespoon of sugar – optional) and mix (preferably with a whisk) for about 7 minutes in a bowl until the texture becomes golden brown and fluffy.

You can mix the end result with ice and milk for a fresh cold beverage. If you would prefer a cosy hot drink, just heat up a glass of milk and mix until the texture dissolves. There you have the perfect homemade café latte.

Binge-watch a Series

One of the most relaxing (and addictive) things to do during quarantine. At least once throughout the day is movie time, sometimes it’s the whole day and that’s where the binge comes in. It feels good to prepare a snack and pick something good to watch along with a nice glass of wine. The below are our top 7 series suggestions:

  1. Friends – Sitcom/Comedy/Romance
  2. Money Heist – Crime/Drama/Heist/Thriller
  3. Prison Break – Crime/Drama/Action/Thriller
  4. Modern Family – Sitcom/Comedy
  5. Manifest – Drama/Supernatural
  6. Lost – Adventure/Mystery/Drama/ Supernatural
  7. How to Get Away with Murder – Drama/Thriller

Fostering a Pet

We’ve been wanting to get a pet for a very long while! Unfortunately, two main things have been keeping us from doing so. First one was the long hours that we spent outside the house, either because of university or work reasons. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in all studies being done online and both of our jobs enabled us to work remotely, luckily for us! This means we now spend all day at home and that already offers a great environment for a furry friend.

Also, the plan is to start travelling full-time in October should everything fall back into place by then. Adopting a pet would have never worked out as it would leave a dilemma as soon as September arrives.

But now we found an alternative, a perfect one! We’re fostering a mommy cat! The beautiful creature was just found by a cat shelter lately and just gave birth to some kittens. Fostering is very important and beneficial because it helps reduce overcrowding in shelters and opens up space for another animal to be saved. It also helps prepare animals for adoption by giving them a chance to live in a home where they can fully express their personality, work to overcome fears or recover from trauma.

There are various animal shelters around the island and if for some reason you can’t commit to adopting, fostering for a few weeks can be a great alternative to help out. In reality, they’ll be helping you!

We hope at least one of these ideas applies to your case and can fill up that void when you feel helpless with absolutely nothing to do. Stay indoors as much as possible and like all other things in life, this too shall pass!

Have you got any other interesting things to do during quarantine? Let us know through the comments below. You might just make our day!



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