8 Reasons Why Fostering a Pet During Quarantine is a Great Idea

Fostering a Pet During Quarantine

As soon as staying home started to be imposed in Malta, we decided to do our part and put ourselves into a partial lockdown. This brought great challenges, especially mentally – feelings that we had never experienced before. Although not the best of scenarios, this opened up an opportunity which we never had before. An opportunity to care for a pet.

Adopting wouldn’t be a responsible choice because of our plans for the future. Therefore, we fostered a mother cat along with her four new-born baby kittens and it has been amazing! We’re not gonna get started about how perfect they are or how cute they look, cause that’ll take us forever and will probably bore you out. You’ll never get to finish this article, won’t like our Facebook page nor subscribe to our blog. That’s a shame! Anyways, let us show you 8 reasons why fostering a pet during quarantine is a great idea.

1. Spending Much More Time at Home

The way things played out for us since the first case of the Covid-19 in Malta, we have absolutely no reason to go out except for the basic needs, that mainly being grocery shopping. Luckily, both of us are working remotely and our studies have been moved online, which opened up the perfect opportunity to welcome a pet in our home.

2. Great for Anyone Who Can’t Commit For a Long Period of Time

This was the main reason why we had never adopted a pet before. Our plan is to start travelling full-time in October, which is never a good idea to adopt a pet with a deadline! Fostering is great as the commitment is only for the time period agreed. It’s great peace of mind knowing that they’ll have a caring and loving home after we leave.

3. Helping Out

Volunteers in animal shelters anywhere around the World and in Malta, like CLAWS, work tirelessly for these stray animals. This is all added to their personal duties and day jobs, which makes it far more challenging. Fostering a pet will not only be showing love to the animal but also lending a helping hand to the shelter’s volunteers in taking off some of their daily workloads.

4. Fostering a Pet During Quarantine is Great for the Mental Health

fostering a pet during quarantine

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can help with mental health issues which could be imposed by the current Covid-19 situation. Loving and caring for a pet can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health.

5. Experiencing the Responsibility

Adopting a pet is a big decision. It’s not just like getting a new gadget or buying a gift for someone. A pet comes with responsibilities and it’s very difficult to know if you’re ready for it without having any experience. Fostering a pet can serve as a trial to see if you’re ready to welcome a new member into the family.

6. Make Space for Other Animals to be Saved

More often than not, space is one of the biggest issues in animal shelters as it’s obviously limited. Fostering an animal may not only be a life saviour for the pet itself, but makes space for another stray animal to be saved and taken care of!

7. Fostering a Pet During Quarantine Will Help Keeping You Busy

How many times have you felt bored out with nothing to do since we’ve been in quarantine? We’ve been mostly spending our time doing six things, but encountered that feeling countless times and it feels terrible. Fostering gave us a new ambition along with multiple deeds that need to be done. It’s certainly keeping us busy and we’re loving it!

8. Finally, It’ll Make You Feel Great!

This is the reason that sums it all up. It will make you feel great, knowing that you are helping and caring for an animal in need. It is truly remarkable watching the pet transition from a skittish, scared little animal to trusting and loving you along with the whole family.

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  1. Maria Bartolo

    Good for you! They seem so cute. Pets always make a great companion. Stay safe guys!

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