3 Tips for Dealing with Snoring Roommates in a Hostel

Dealing with snoring roommates in a hostel is a pain… close your eyes and imagine!

What a perfect day that has been! Without even realising, you’ve just spent more than 10 hours exploring and wandering around the city. There’s no energy left to party and decided to call it a day. Good for you!

Dealing with Snoring Roommates in a Hostel

We can imagine what a packed day you’ve got tomorrow. The least you deserve is a good night sleep. The initial feeling you’ll get when you step into the hostel room is the pride of how low you managed to keep the budget. Not only succeeded to score cheap flights, but managed to grab such a good deal for a bed and a roof over your head. Quietly tucked into the bed sheets, that must feel nice! Next mission will be to find that perfect sleeping position, but since your body is so exhausted, that shouldn’t take long at all. Wrapped up and ready to go when you suddenly hear an aggressive noise coming from the opposite side of the room – OH SHIT THEY SNORE!

We’ve been there, more often than not. That’s the unfortunate case. However, we still keep choosing to stay in hostels for two basic reasons – price and the experience itself. Throughout time, we managed to find the best tactics for dealing with snoring roommates in a hostel, and below we’ll disclose our top three.

1. Ear Plugs

Perhaps the most obvious choice would be earplugs. These sleeping aids can be bought for a minimal fee and often given for free on long flights, train or even bus journeys. Unfortunately, most of the times they aren’t effective enough or they might feel uncomfortable to get you through the night. What we look for when getting a pair of earplugs is primarily the ability to mould and fit in the exact shape of the ear. In addition to that, it’s imperative for earplugs to have an NRR of at least between 30 and 33. This will not only help in cancelling the noise, but it feels much more stable and pleasant. Although the cost of such earplugs may not be as cheap as others, the product is highly durable and you’ll be thanking yourself next time you’re stuck with snoring roommates!

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2. A Soft Clap

Not quite sure how nice this advice will sound, but it comes out to be effective in some cases. A gentle clap might be enough for a slight tender wake-up. Somehow, it seems modest and at the same time a good enough sign stating “Shut the f**k up 😊”

Dealing with Snoring Roommates in a Hostel

3. Ask for a Room Change

Most of the time, hostels are managed by backpackers themselves. Undoubtedly, every backpacker experiences a snoring roommate and that would automatically develop a deep emphatical understanding of what another fellow human might be going through. Should the snoring be bothering you so much, don’t hesitate to ask if it’s possible to change the room. Worst case scenario would be a simple no, and the reason would be that the hostel is full. Other than that, they’ll have no reason to keep guests unhappy.

What about you? Have you mastered any tactics to sleep through your roommates snoring? Let us know in the comments below 😃

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