Game Night With Your Quarantine Buddies

Guess we’re still kinda locked down, although not exactly – but we should be! Most of our days are very busy, with assignment deadlines, house chores, taking care of our fostered pet, working from home … but our evenings are much slower. Movie night has just become a daily norm!

What about the wine?

Hmm …let’s not talk about that!

We’ve been trying to do many things to keep us busy. As much as we LOVE to plan trips, it’s like the motivation is not there most of the times. This could be due to the reason of the situation not having some sort of deadline, not knowing when we’ll be free to travel again.

Perhaps, the most that has been demotivating us is not knowing if it’s going to be possible to continue with the original plan and start travelling full-time next October. It’s surely a time of uncertainty! We usually end up looking back at memories from previous trips – which fills us with so much joy and excitement. It’s like we recharge ourselves all over again!

Whenever we feel that boredom is taking over, we start thinking of ways to spice things up. An activity to take the evening up a notch is having a game night! This is not just great to spend some quality time but also so much fun, especially when things start to get competitive!

Having a Game Night: What to Play?

Beer Pong

Beer pong is so popular in many places we visit, especially in backpacker’s hostels. Last time we played the game was on an island somewhere in the Andaman Sea, which was just epic! The supplies needed are very basic – just a table, plastic cups, ping pong ball and most importantly a ton of beer!

How to play?

The game can be played either between 2 players, or else between 4. Either way, there should be two teams against each other, each standing on the opposite side of the table. The cups are to be set in a triangle formation on each side and filled with beer.

The ultimate aim is to get the ball in your opponent’s cup, by throwing it from your end of the table. Each time the ball lands in one of the cups, the player on that side has to chug the beer and remove it from the table. The player/team that manages to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups wins.

To bounce, or not to bounce? There are multiple rules which often are discussed and decided by the players themselves, although here are the official house party rules just to take a glance. They’re not as strict as the Official WSOBP Tournament rules, but that’s just because the main event has a prize pool of $35,000!

Having a Game Night


Having a game night is not complete without the classic word guessing game! If you are 2 people or more, a single person can act out the word or else mime hints without using any spoken words. The rest of the group will then guess. Another way to play it would be to team up and act out scenes together while the other team guesses.

There are several games that can be installed via the App Store or Google Play. We love to use Ellen’s game ‘Heads Up!’. Otherwise, you can create your own words and if out of ideas, a word generator could help.

Board Games

Most likely, you’re already aware of Monopoly, Scrabble, Puzzles, Checkers and Chess. If you’re looking for something different, you can create your own board games – just like we did. We recreated the game ‘Code Names’, the one we always look for whenever we visit a game café.

Unlike many others, this is a team game of guessing words. This means that the players will not be playing against each other but as a team. The game goes something like this:

  • Come up with random words and write the same word twice, both facing opposite directions on a rectangular piece of paper. These will act as the Codename cards. Come up with at least 50.
Having a Game Night
  • Create a randomly-dealt map card showing a 5×5 grid of 25 squares. 7 of the squares should be highlighted in a different colour/shade. Those will be showing the words that should be guessed by the other team. Each entry on the map should correspond to one of the code name cards on the table. Each player/team should be assigned 1 map card before the game starts, so come up with at least 10 to be able to alternate and mix things up.
  • Mark 2 of the squares darker than the rest. If one of the players guesses that word, the game ends. It’s like the danger word.
Having a Game Night

  • Lay 25 Codename cards in a 5×5 rectangular grid, in random order. Each card should bear a word.
  • Split players into two teams. Each team is then given a map.
  • One player will start by giving a hint to the other, in order to guess a card from the table. The hint MUST be made of only one word, and the objective is to get the other player to guess more than one word from the grid in each round, if possible.
  • The game will have 8 rounds. This means that in some turns, the player will have to guess more than one word in order to finish the game. The game ends when either the ‘danger word’ is said, the 8 rounds are up or else you managed to beat the game by guessing all the marked words.

Let’s have an example:

Two of the marked words on the map are ‘Snake’ and ‘Cage’. A good hint to give would be “Zoo, 2 words” – since one finds multiple cages in a zoo and also snakes form part of a zoo.

Yes, it may sound complicated at first but once used to, it’s quite addicting!  

Junk in the Trunk

We heard of this game from the Maltese Tv show Hadd Ghalik! It’s fun, especially if you got kids around, and super simple to recreate yourself.

  • Empty a tissue box and make two slits into the bottom of the box. Thread a belt or a ribbon through the two slits and tie around the players’ waist.
  • Fill the tissue box with 6-8 ping pong balls. The game’s goal is to shake, jump and dance around until all balls fall out of the tissue box.
  • Get some music going and just enjoy the moment. First one with an empty box wins!

Although the way we’re living is not ideal for many of us, let’s use the situation to spend some quality time with the people we’re living with. At least, we’ll have something to remember about those days we spent at home through the COVID-19 pandemic!

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