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Hi! We are Charlon and Charlotte, boyfriend and girlfriend, aged 20 and 21. You can call us Charls 😊. We are from a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea called Malta, more specifically Gozo. At the moment, we are planning to take on a journey and travel the world, and that was the reason we started Charls’ Travels – to connect and share our journey with all of you!

Right now, we are in our final years of getting our degrees. We believe that there are plenty of opportunities out there which can be missed because of what is expected of you. However, they will never come back to you again.

Like many others, we were taught that you are supposed to graduate, get a job, get married and have kids and live happily ever after. Honestly, we don’t think there is anything wrong with that kind of lifestyle, but we feel that until this moment in time, we’re still not ready for that! There would certainly be something missing if we continue without fulfilling our travel dreams.

That’s why we are taking on our aspiration to pack all of our stuff in a 60L backpack and travel the world full-time as soon as we finish our studies. While we give a spin to our lifestyles, we would love to share our experiences with you to give a better insight into the places we visit. 

This dream all began in September 2017 when we planned what we used to call a “holiday”, to London. It was so-called due to the way we planned it, mainly budget-wise. Along the way of visiting 15 countries, we learned how to avoid extra costs that are not necessary and still have the utmost memory of the trip. Also, this way we could afford to travel more with the same money. In the last two years, while sitting for our degrees and working part-time, we managed to visit 13 countries in Europe, 1 in Asia & 1 in Africa

To be able to do so, we had to change our way of living mainly giving up activities that are mainstream with the young generation. Such things included parties, takeaways and regularly dining out. Now that you know us, how about you officially become part of our travelling family by subscribing to our blog below! We promise, no crappy emails – just a shout out whenever an awesome blog is posted!

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What’s The Plan? 

The date we have in mind to start travelling full-time is 1st October 2020, praying and believing that the Covid-19 crisis is all over by then! Until then, our plan was to continue visiting as many countries as possible, although at this point, it doesn’t seem that things are going that way. In October, the target is to complete a personal challenge in Europe while backpacking through the continent until December. After that, the plan is to start covering Asia while working short-term in hostels and taking every opportunity to earn some extra cash.

We created Charls’ Travels to take you on this journey with us. Through our regular posts, we’ll share with you our experiences, highs and lows so when it’s your turn to visit, you’ll have a platform to refer to.

What Did Travelling Teach Us So Far?

Besides unforgettable experiences, meeting new people, stadium hopping and tasting new delicious cuisine, travelling has taught us that there is no definition of success. The most important thing is to have a positive mindset and the will to work for what you want to achieve. Problem-solving is another key skill as in every trip something always goes out of the plan, and there is no way one can prepare for these mishaps beforehand. 

While sharing our experiences with you, we are hoping this would help and encourage others with similar dreams and ambitions to have a go and make it happen.

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Charls’ Travels

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