Backpacking Bangkok in Thailand: Our First Asian Experience

Choosing Which Sights & Temples to Visit While Taking a River Cruise

As soon as you start searching for Things To Do In Bangkok online, surely, you’ll be bombarded with pictures and tours of the Buddhist temples. They are indeed beautiful, some larger and in a better state than others. We never saw anything similar in any of the European countries we visited. Some of the very best sights in the city lie around the Chao Phraya River. The Hop on Hop off boat is key to manage to visit them all in one day. In short, backpacking Bangkok in Thailand is not complete without experiencing the beautiful majestic river!

Backpacking bangkok in thailand

Experiencing Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand

You can basically say that sports is immersed in every culture some way or another. The Greeks are known for the first Olympics, soccer booms across Europe while basketball and American football are the thing all over the USA. One of the traditional and most loved sports in Asia is the Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand. Throughout this article, we’re going to run you through the most popular arenas to watch these fights, where you can watch it for free and even where you can take part in a fight yourself!

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