Where is Italy on Your Bucket List?

Being born and raised in Malta, Italy is one of the very first countries we’re taught about in school. This is because all of the cultural similarities as well because of the fact that it sits just on top of the Maltese islands geographically. Just before you start reading about our experiences, here are 3 fun facts about Italy:

Where is Italy and how old is it as we know it?

Italy is situated in western Europe and is actually one of the youngest. It has been declared a country in 1861 when the separate nation-states unified together as the Kingdom of Italy.

What’s the significance behind Italy’s flag?

Made out of three main colours, Italy’s flag resembles hope, faith and charity by the colours green, white and red respectively.

Is the Vatican a part of Italy?

Well, yes and no. Yes, the Vatican city is surrounded by Italian land, more specifically the city of Rome. However, the Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. Encircled by a 2-mile border with Italy, the Vatican City is an independent city-state.

Expensive Venice, on a Budget

It’s easy to say Venice is one of Europe’s most beautiful gems. It’s as picturesque as one can imagine it, with the flowing canals and the serenity that it offers. Moreover, Venice main island is car-free! Marvellous!

where is italy

La Bella Sicilia

What’s a better quick getaway than driving around Sicily, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean? With over five million in population, Sicily offers great food, culture, history, markets and city life amongst many others. Who could miss the active volcano of Mount Etna? Even the word “active” makes us start packing our bags and heading there to explore!

where is italy

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