Through our travels, we look to discover new places and experiences. Honestly, we’re up for anything (as long as not many laws are broken).

Who Are We?

We are a Maltese couple in love with travelling. Staying put for a long while is not something we look forward to, actually the contrary. We love exploring new places and indulging ourselves in new experiences. Besides passion, we also thrive to produce quality content to share with our audience. Our main goal is to show that travelling doesn’t necessarily mean blowing up a whole fortune.

Through our travels, we have worked with car rental agencies, hotels & hostels, local restaurants, tour organisers and many more – NOW, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

How Can We Work Together?

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Feel free to contact us using the form below or else write us an email to We’ll do our best to reply within 1-3 working days!

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